Flipped Classroom: getting started

I started putting down my thoughts on the flipped classroom approach in an earlier post, inspired by a talk I attended. Talking about the concepts and its possible implementations with colleagues, it seems to me that for this method to be successful, there has to be a shift (or ‘flip’ for that matter) in the thinking about and designing teaching sessions from “this is the material I need to cover” to “this is what students need to be able to do”. 

This is a shift towards thinking more about the learning outcomes and ways of assessing if they have been met. Come to think of it, such a shift can be quite liberating: it allows us to pursue various new avenues that sometimes come up during lectures when someone asks a really insightful and stimulating question.

This presentation also includes some of my thoughts on the subject.

Matt Cornock from the University of York put together an excellent resource on flipped classroom, including case studies and recordings of webinars on the subject.