Flipped Classroom: getting started

I started putting down my thoughts on the flipped classroom approach in an earlier post, inspired by a talk I attended. Talking¬†about the concepts and its possible implementations with colleagues, it seems to me that for this method to be successful, there has to be a shift (or ‘flip’ for that matter) in the thinking about and designing teaching sessions from “this is the material I need to cover” to “this is what students need to be able to do”.¬† Continue reading “Flipped Classroom: getting started”

How to do a flip (and not land on your face)

At Bett 2016 Technology in HE Summit, I attended a very interesting panel discussion where Zoe Swan, Senior Lecturer in Law from University of Greenwich, talked about introducing the flipped lecture approach in her lectures. It was really exciting and refreshing to hear that the flipped classroom approach can work across a range of disciplines, including the more traditional, ‘lecture-heavy’ ones. Continue reading “How to do a flip (and not land on your face)”